Monday, 27 February 2017

When will SSC Exam Result 2017 publish

SSC Result 2017 will be published the first week of May. Our present govt or education minster is not like the previous minister. Besides, the present situation is dynamic. All board is playing a dynamic role in different fields.

It is sure that result will be published in an exact time so if any student wants to have result, he should not be anxious, rather he should spend without any presser.

The SSC result 2017 will be published on time. The examinee attended in the SSC examination. He will be able to check using their roll number.

On the if a student wants to know the result before exact time, he will never have the chance of knowing the result.

The s.s.c result will be published in the fixed time. The students can know the result by using SMS and browsing through Android mobile phone. When a student goes to know the result, there will be a requirement of his name, his role, his board name and others. When a student will go to the educational website; he will be able to know everything fast.

SSC result 2017 will be published in May. Student takes part in examination from different classes. Even people will be involved from a low-income family. Some students cut figure excellent result. They bring under discussion. The Even various multinational company gives them the award to encourage them so that they can go ahead.

Besides, the poorly tended student gets donation of a significant amount from a different sector. In our country, every year a lot of students drop out from the study. The students are deprived of poverty. They are involved in working. To support their family.

It is a matter of sorrow that they lose the potentiality at dawn of life. As a result, they cannot take a step to go ahead. It is requested to government that the government take step after publishing SSC 2017 result.

If government take this step, Bangladesh will be developed very soon.

That's why SSC 2017 result should be published within MAY.

Sometimes, we hear very shocking news that a student has suicide Because of making the bad result. To speak the truth, the age of candidate too emotional, so being sad too much, they take this types of steps.

That is why an action can be taken that a conference should be organized to give them consolation so that they never commit this types of problem.

Our government believe that no student will never commit this types of problem. It is believed that 2017 SSC exam will be better than the previous review.
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