Wednesday, 15 March 2017

How to get SSC Result 2017 Dakhil Madrasah Education Board

Hello! how is going on everything after completing the Dahl examination. It is a pleasure to everyone that now Madrassa Education Board is too much serious about their students. They keep pace with present current of education.

It is tough that no one can take part in Dhaka examination. There are many conditions before attending

The syllabus of Dhaka is not as easy as the previous syllabus.  Everyday syllabus is upgrading day after day.

SSC Result 2017 Dakhil Madrasah Education Board
Besides, once upon time Dhaka exam will be held just as a formality; there was no proper guard. The student would take different types of ways for making the result better illegally, but now there are lots of restriction imposed upon the Madrasa Education Board.

But now they are too much conscious about their result the students are also serious about their result. They study a lot of time dedicating themselves. As a result, the standard of education is increasing with high speed. Madrasa education board is equal to the school secondary certificate. It is another educational board of Bangladesh.

Every year a lot of students take part in Dhaka examination. So now I am going to share you the result of Dhaka board.

SSC Result 2017

Having the shakily result is easy, just following some step, you can take you the result but you have to follow some instruction otherwise you will not be able to make the result quickly. In this post, you will be all types of the system how to collect the madrasa board result within a short period.

Getting the result through online is common matter.

So it is not a fact of worries, if you have the online connection, you can have the result easily. Not only result rather you can have mark sheet also. The easiest way of getting the result that you have to go to the educational board.  The education website of Bangladesh is close to you. Just browsing, you can have the link.

The educational website of Bangladesh is rich enough; you can have your ssc result from the Bangladesh education site. In the secondary school board website, you will have a dialogue box, in the box, there is some column in the first column, you have to set what types of candidate you are SSC or DhakaIL. Second row, you should type the year. Third you should mention the name of the board such as "Madrasah." in the fourth column roll, than registered no, theater, you will have two number, there you will have direction, and it may be multiplication or subtraction. You have to work according to the leadership.

After filling up the six columns, you will have two small box one is "reset" and another is   "submit" you have to click submit button using mouse. If you perform according to the direction, you will have the result, there is no room for doubt.

If you are core village, you are out of online network. You should not think of the mentioned system.

Rather take a mobile, try to write an SMS according to direction. First go to the SMS option then type "Dhaka. “giving a space write "MAD" again a space than "ROLL" after that "passing year" then send SMS to 16222 just you have to spend SMS charge for sending this SMS. It is the easiest way so no problem, feel free to apply.
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