Sunday, 16 April 2017

Get Chittagong Education Board SSC Result 2017

Chittagong Board is an ancient board. There is no doubt that they are outstanding. Result of the Chittagong is as well as good.

Students of Chittagong are very serious to their study. They are making good result in SSC examination regularly.

2 February Thursday SSC examination held all around the Bangladesh. There was total 8 halls outside of the country.

Total 17 lakh and 86 thousand students performed the examination. There was 3236 halls under 28344 institute.

It is informed that from 17 lakh and 86 thousand candidate there was 9 lakh 10 thousand and 501 boy and 8 lakh 76 thousand and 112 girls.

By this we can say that, girls performance is increasing day by day. Parents are getting serious about their daughter's education. And this is a green signal for us and our country.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was very happy and delighted to hear it. She ordered to the Education Board to be more attentive to the girls student. She requested to increase the facility of education for the girls.

The head of education board Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid said, “there is no way to lick out questions in the running year.” And he suggested all students to do not think for questions.

He also said that, if anyone try to sell or publish any spam question on facebook or any other online option, they will be punished properly.

The head of Chittagong board ensured us that all the examination were finish properly and no accident or incident happened. He hopped to get a good feedback from the students.

We already said that 17 lakh and 86 thousand student performed in the last SSC examination. From Madrasa board 2 lakh 56 thousand and 501, from vocational 1 lakh 4 thousand 212 applicant has given their examination.

One important matter is that before starting the exam the ministry of education Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid said in a media conference that M.C.Q. will start first. Examinee will enter in halls at 9.30am. Then exam paper will distributed at 9.35am.

In the first day the examination started at 10.00 am and it was continue at the same time. The first examination was Bangla 1st paper.

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